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An Amazing Story

During the research period of a WWll project, an amazing story was uncovered, and when it was decided to have a sculpture for the entrance of the school, this story was the obvious one to use.

Lincoln City is just south of one of the major airfields where the bombers used to leave from during the raids on Germany.

One day, a bomber was limping back to base, after a raid.  The pilot decided that, although they were close, there was no way they were going to manage the last few miles to land.  So he commanded his crew to get their parachutes, and jump.  He prepared to do the same.

But as he looked out, he realised that if he allowed the plane to  fly on without him, although it would miss the cathedral by a whisker, it would land on the school.

So he stayed in place,  guiding the plane till it landed in a nearby street, thus saving the lives of all the children in the school.

But he didn't make it.

His name was Dudley Snooke

westgate plane