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owl and moon (1)

Barnsley Interchange

This was a lovely project for us, but also incredibly stressful because of all the different partners involved.  We ended up installing one sculpture on Christmas Day because that was the only day the trains weren't running so we didn't need permissions and the like.

The brief was to involve as many people as we could in the process, so we held workshops with local people, people travelling, staff, people waiting on the platform etc, and we hope that the resulting sculptures have something for everybody.

From the top:

Dragon - from the train and from the platform

Interactive Foyer Tree (we have heard this piece isn't there any more)

Monkey in the rafters - one of 10 figures up there - make your own story

Market Panel - Local scenes - one of 8 panels in the stairwell

Erecting the fence panels on Christmas day

2 of the 'Wish you were here' panels - Australia and desert Island

barndrag3 barnfncAus barnfncdesert barnhsmonk barnstair3 dragon people erect postcards play barn tree