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owl and moon (1)

Camp Hill Arches

3 intensive days of consultation in the community in June gave us ideas

for the arches on the side of the CHESS building in Camp Hill, near

Nuneaton.  We worked up designs for approval by the commissioners,

then got to work.  Image right shows the design for the 'present' panel.

Each panel has many elements, and in this one in particular, there are

the opinions of the local people.  We asked them:  if Camp Hill was a

flower, what would it be?  We asked:  if Camp Hill was an animal, what

would it be?  Some people named flowers they remembered from the

past- the gorse, the bluebells.  One person said it was a dead flower.

Someone said it was a rose - pretty, but with thorns.  The animals

varied (the lion because it's loud and strong), and many people said it

was like a staffie dog, noisy, energatic, lovable, and likely to bite!

The panels are stainless steel and frosted perspex.  Some of the steel

is sheet, which has had wire pictures pressed into it, and some of the

elements are tig-welded.  The sheet was plasma cut where necessary to give the 'cut outs' for colour.

CH present drawing ch panels 1 to 4 IMG_0542 IMG_0514