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owl and moon (1)

Ceramic Tree


tree of life

Sorry about the funny angle in this photo - the Tree of Life is in a narrow corridor and it is impossible to photograph without a wide angle lens.


When Creative Partnerships started in Hull in 2002 we were asked if we wanted to work in a nursery school, and, since we had never worked in the Early Years, with trepidation we said yes.


That was the start of an amazing and ongoing journey - more of that under 'school projects'


This piece was another of those occasions where the school wanted the children to be as hands-on as possible - so we decided to make a tree

The children, 3 and 4 years, enjoyed texturing the clay using glass decanter tops, foliage, netting, nuts and bolts etc etc - anyting we could find (but no nasty play-doh tools!)

I took the pieces back and the children underglazed them, then, after glazing, staff came over one Sunday to arrange and stick the pieces onto the frame which Pete had built.