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owl and moon (1)

Hope Street


Hope Street Centre

The Hope Street Centre in Grimsby asked us, as part of their 10 year

celebrations, to make a sculpture for the long wall which runs along the

front of the building.  We held consultation sessions, and the theme of 'fishing' was chosen.  So there are 3 nets, each represents a different type of trawling, and the middle net is full of fish.  We made these with clients of the Centre, using our 'pressed wire' technique, where the image is made in wire, then pressed into stainless steel plate.  You can see the 'jigsaw' of placing them below right. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to You Tube to see a video of one of the pressings

Above left is the very distinctive skyline of Grimsby - we asked 'if the Centre was an animal, what would it be?'  All the animals are waiting for the boats on the dock side - the elephant because it never forgets, the meercat because it has such strong family ties, the faithful dog, the fierce lion etc etc

hope animals close SDC11203 IMG_2565 SDC11248 Pressing a Fish

As of early 2018 the sculpture has moved to the Waterhouse Centre, just round the corner from the Hope Street Centre