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Luddite Memorial

Wrong.  This sculpture was commissioned specifically to try and raise awareness of the real story behind the Luddites - their fight to keep their jobs, keep their livelihoods, keep their families in food and shelter.  They saw that the new machines would take the work away - and they resisted.

So what we have is a worker - one of the croppers (men who used to take the napp off the cloth using enormous 'cropping' shears) in defensive stance, shielding himself and his child against the onslaught of machinery.

It's ironic, isn't it, that these days we value hand made things much more than machine made - and usually the quality is better........


It stands 3.5m high, and is made of stainless steel.  The girl's face (above) was modeled on our grand-daughter Freya.  No casting - all hand fabricated

Installed 200 years after the event in March 2012

luddites in situ luddites in situ luddite girl face

We've all heard of the Luddites - those people who broke machinery and fought with mill owners because they didn't like progress.  right?