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owl and moon (1)

Messingham courtyard

The new buildings in the school made a courtyard which the school wanted to make into a special place for both pupils and staff to go to.   After consultation, we came up with 3 projects:

The tree would be made entirely by us, and would be the main feature in the space.  But it would provide as many learning opportunities as anyone can think of - the movement of the sun during the day and the year are obvious ideas, and who knows what things will be made to hang on the hooks of the branches.    The slabs were made by the pupils - they worked on  mathematical patterns so that when Alex went in with the mosaic they were ready to lay the tiles.  We then set them in concrete off site, although Alex did show the pupils a powerpoint of that process to show it's not done by fairies!    The steel picture panels were made by the pupils - again they worked on the themes and designs so that they were ready when Alex went in with the wire.



uly 2013


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