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New Build

Although the old school was

huge and had character,

parquet floors, 2 halls and high

ceilings, it needed a complete

 renovation, and so it was

decided to have a new, modern

eco-school built instead.

I was asked to devise a project

which would take part of the old

school over into the new build,

incorporating the ideas of the

children, and allowing them an

opportunity to reflect on the

forthcoming changes.


I took over 600 photographs of the old school - images of inside and outside, notice boards, flaking paint and gym shoes -  everything I could think of.

Then I had workshops with the children to chose from the photos - this was an amazing opportunity for the children to 'take a last look' at the old school - and they took the job very seriously.

The chosen photos were mounted onto different thicknesses of MDF, and the children helped to arrange them.

The completed montage was installed in the foyer of the new school

yellow selection choosing whole red