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Northcott Eco Tree

Northcott Special School, in Hull, wanted a feature sculpture for their new 'Eco Garden'.  After consideration, they decided that a tree could fit their ideas, and we went away to design it.

Alex worked with the 'Eco Group' to make models of trees, and she left the tree leaves in school for the pupils to design.

This is a process we use a lot - where people of any age or ability, make a design on the metal, by sticking wire down with masking tape.  The metal is pressed in our workshop, and the resultant marks are simple and very effective.  In Northcott each child could have a go at the process, and even children with visual impairment made wonderful designs on the leaves.

The tree also has coloured leaves - we hope that the school will use the colours thrown onto the pavement to learn about how the earth moves day to day, season to season.

northcott tree installed 180dpi IMG_7808 IMG_7809

The butterfly on the wall, and the ladybird on the trunk of the tree were made by the Eco Group