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owl and moon (1)

other bears

Here are some of the other bears - most of them manipulated ready-mades usually from charity shops - if you double click, the image gets a bit bigger



L:Cultivated, (or Germinated),   Mutated is in there too                                                                                 R:Fragmented



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L: Impersonated                                                                                                          R: Melted


Same here - follow the link for CertificaTed



L: Over-Rated                                                                                                              R: Knighted        





L: Packeted                                                                                                                   R: Reflected from above




L: Reflected through the  spy-hole                                                                                          R: Here's Departed, happily waving                                                                                                                 goodbye, looking forward to his new life in America -  his vessel  unfortunately is the Titanic...


ScenTed CertificaTed