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owl and moon (1)

outside places

This school wanted to make their outside

area more interesting for the children, with-

out buying in expensive 'equipment' that they

 probably wouldn't use.

Pete worked hard with Years 2 to 6 over 4

days, designing and digging the turf maze

(below) - impossible to photograph because

 we couldn't get high enough, but big enough

to be seen using GoogleEarth! It's called 'the squircle' because it's a mixture of squares and circles.  Our local council were happy to provide the chippings for the paths.  

He also bought chestnut fencing, and made the palisade structure. (below right)  

Alex, meanwhile, worked with the children on small mosaic pieces which were all cast into cement slabs for the middle of the Squircle.  

So the outside is transformed in a cheap, imaginative way which lends itself to many activities, games storytelling etc, and the children love it.

mosaic slabs 200dpi turf maze 200dpi palisade 200dpi