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Practical things



We've decided to change the way we do workshops.


Instead of offering set dates, we offer you the opportunity of choosing your date and finding the folks to come with you!


We need a minimum of 3 people - max 6 (of which only 3 should be 'heavies').  

If you email your preferred dates (perhaps offer 2 in case we're busy) then we can take it from there.


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 So how much does it cost?


The weekends cost £185 each which includes home-cooked lunch (please let us know when you book if you have any special dietry requirements or if there is anything you don't like, otherwise there WILL be bacon!), tea/coffee, and a certain amount of consumables - like solder, welding rods (biscuits..) etc.

The cost doesn't include materials

The weekend starts at 10am on Saturday and we usually work until about 6pm.  

Then on Sunday we start a bit earlier, and we finish when you do! - although we try to get things done by about 6.

When you book we'll send you a map of how to find us and a B&B list if you need it

PLEASE NOTE:   we have cats and altho we do have credit card facilities - cash is preferred, since paying in cheques is a mission and costs us, and cash is easier for us to divvy up.