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School Sculptures

The school sculptures fall into 2 catagories:-

Firstly where the school want the children to be very hands-on - this means that we can't use welding etc (although Pete did once hire a container to weld in, so the children could watch) - so this means a medium like mosaic or ceramic.


The advantage of this method is that the pupils make the sculpture - but it is very time consuming and therefore expensive


Secondly where the school wants a metal sculpture - in this case we do workshops in the school so that the children can get ideas for the possible design of the sculpture.  Very often we have a vote at this stage - we get the whole school to vote for the model they like the best, and this is the one made full size.  

Alternatively, we work with a small group of children, or parents, and synthesize the large number of models into, say, 4 themes, and make models using elements from the originals.  These (usually larger) models are then exhibited and a vote is held - and the one with the most votes wins.

This is a method we have used a lot - and it works - everyone seems to understand the democracy of the process.


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