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owl and moon (1)

Sculpture for Scotswood

We installed this in June 2012.

The commissioners wanted something to represent

'Yesterday, Today & Forever', and we had workshops with

the community to get ideas for what the sculpture might

look like.

There was a terrible mining disaster in 1925, when men and

horses were killed, so we thought a pit pony and miner,

having a day off to go to the Blaydon Races would be a fine subject for 'the past', and we got ideas from the community about the present and future - new houses and the children.

We were very excited to don our safety gear and watch the sculpture being galvanised - thanks to Premier in Hull for that - it was fascinating.

And while we're thanking people, Kelly's Plant hire in Scotswood made us so welcome during installation week, and provided machinery which made the job so easy - many thanks to them.


Images show - below - Wednesday morning 9am and Saturday afternoon 6pm - us, very relieved it's gone ok, with finished article and tiny macquette.

and above a close up of the figures.  Pete's new 5 ton hydraulic press which he built to make the Luddites was invaluable.

The horse is called Lenny


weds morning 9am sat 6pm job done! roses