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owl and moon (1)

The Folley

We were commissioned by AIC (Arts In Colchester) and VOSA, the local community committee,  to work with the local community to design and then make artworks for the local alley which joins two parts of the estate.

We held consultation meetings and workshops, where we got ideas for the works, and then we held workshops with many local groups where the inserts of the 'balloons' were made using several methods:  first, we made marks in clay which were cast in coloured concrete, second we made mosaic pictures, and third we made pictures using wire, which were then pressed into steel.

In addition we worked in school making papier mache models of a dog and cat, which were then cast in concrete;  and someone during consultation said there ought to be a dragon - so we made that to guard the alley! - The children have called him Fire.

We installed the pieces in May 2013, and finished just before the children came out of school - they were VERY excited to see their work on the walls!


The commissioners said they gave us the work because we didn't tell them what they were going to get!  This is scary for people, but it's a process we use a lot - it works, it gives ownership to the people, and they protect the work because it is theirs.