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WELL! What a strange year it has turned out to be....


Nothing has really gone to plan, and things have been cancelled etc, but, as is usual we have had a few things on the go - Pete has designed new work for Burghley House - Cecil Snail will be there until October  - luckily we managed to instal before lockdown.

However, due to the lockdown Pete's other exhibitions were cancelled - it's a real shame because they were for charity and raised A LOT of money for worthy causes. One did go ahead, but on-line - which makes it very different, but at least the charities it supports will still get some money.  See Artforcure website

Alex still makes jewellery and experiments with materials and designs, plus we both want to put our experiences in schools into print - and that takes a long time!

We are delighted to be working with Stillness Infant School in Honor Oak, on their school sculpture. It was due for installation in July, but that didn't happen.  We hope we can get it done in the autumn - watch this space!  The school has done some designs which are lovely.

Lockdown hasn't been all bad for us - we have made several 'corona' things - these lovely gates and a new mosaic table.





















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IMG_20200207_113301 new gates postcard size P1120057