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xceptional books!

We have both self published books, and more are in the pipeline.

If you would like to buy one, they are available on amazon as a hard copy and e version

hazel spider front cover coffee cover

Pete's book is designed for telling - although you can read it too, of course.  The illustrations are simple and effective, and the story is a tale about the fairies in our garden who have a problem, and how they solve it.


Telling a story is very powerful, and we encourage everybody to have a go - use the story and use your own words.  

Alex's book all started when she, myopically, started to see pictures in the bottom of her coffee cup and started to photograph them.

When she had several hundred, she chose some of the most intriguing and put them together in a loose story.

The book is very unique - just right for the coffee lover who has everything!

hazel spider row front cover lumpy gingerbread man coffee chronicles row your boat lumpy gbread cover

We all remember the little ditty about rowing our boat gently down a stream, sometimes with a crocodile with the opportunity to ~SCREAM!  Well, Alex has taken the basic premis, and the simple format to explore many different rivers.  So on the left page is a little poem with an illustration, and on the right page is info about that river.  Really good for literacy, storytelling, silliness and exploration.

Not many people know that the Gingerbread Man had a brother.... well, he did, and this is his story.

Devised by Pete for reading or telling.  The original story was developed during his stint in a nursery setting when staff were trying to encourage the children to go outside.